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CLOUD9 Signature Massage

30 Mins $60 / 55 Mins $95 / 85 Mins $135

A combination of deep tissue techniques and the rhythmic stretches of Thai inspired

massage movements to reduce tension, increase the range of motion and improve circulation.

The pressure is adjusted based on your needs. Additional techniques such as trigger point

and myofascial release may be applied.

Swedish Massage

30 Mins $60 / 55 Mins $95 / 85 Mins $135

This European technique focuses on the soft tissues of the body clients receive

a soothing massage designed to promote deep relaxation and increase circulation.

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

30 Mins $60 / 55 Mins $95 / 85 Mins $135

Deep therapeutic massage is focused on alleviating tension and give you a lot of relief

from chronic pain. Sports Massage is focused on Fast-paced and stimulating blood circulation while alleviating muscle tension and warming the body. It helps athletes recover from workouts and injuries.


30 Mins $60 / 55 Mins $95

This type of massage has been practiced for over 3,000 years by Chinese practitioners

to re-balance the body's Qi in order to promote healing and well being. Focusing on applying

pressure to specific spots on the feet to stimulate the corresponding area and thereby loosing up

or even remove blockages in the body energy, restore the natural flow of energy connected

from head to toe, and internal organs for better sleep, and improved metabolism.


Couple Massage

55 Mins $190 / 85 Mins $270 in total

A couples massage lets you share the restorative experience of massage side by side in the same massage room. As with all our treatments, each therapist will customize the massage according to the client’s needs and wishes.



Traditional Thai Massage

85 Mins $165 / 115 Mins $255

Full-body massage with mainly point pressure and muscle stretching by

hands, elbows, knees, and feet. The client’s body is moved, loosened, and stretched of the joints

and the muscles with yoga-like movement to release tension and create wholeness in mind and body.
**We provide loose clothing for you to wear during the session but you can bring your own as well.**



Hot Stone Massage

55 Mins $110 / 85 Mins $150

This type of massage involves the use of smooth, flat, heated stones and an extension of

the therapist's hand to massage and they can also be laid on specific areas of the body to promote

deep relaxation of those muscles and surrounding areas.


Thai Herbal Compress Massage

85 Mins $165

Combination of deep pressure massage and heated Thai herbal compress balls, to soothe muscular aches and swelling. It is beneficial especially to the muscles of the legs, back, neck and shoulders.



Prenatal Massage

55 Mins $110 / 85 Mins $150

This gentle therapy relaxes tense muscles, ease sore spots and improve

circulation tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women.

**For safety precautions, we ONLY accept clients who are passed the first trimester pregnancy, for Prenatal Massage.

Please take this into the consideration when booking your appointment.**

CLOUD9 Facials


Signature Facial 

$85 per session

This treatment is customized to individual skin conditions. Ideally for all skin types, including Oily, Dehydrated, or Combination. Starting with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to polish away impurities.

Then steam to prepare skin for extractions. Followed by the high-frequency treatment to kill

bacteria and reduce inflammation. Relaxing massage and a nourishing mask is applied

prior to toning and moisturizing.



Ageless Facial

$85 per session

Never too early to prevent, with our age defense facial is to improve

uneven skin color, tone, and texture. This treatment reduces fine lines, improves

skin’s overall texture, and even out the skin color.



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