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Facial steaming

One more important step we are offering in Cloud9 Facials that has amazing overall benefits to your skin’s health

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Cloud9 Signature Massage

A combination of deep tissue techniques and the rhythmic stretches of Thai inspired massage movements to reduce tension, increase the range of motion and improve circulation. The pressure is adjusted based on your needs. Additional techniques such as trigger point and myofascial release may be applied.

Herbal Compress

Combination of deep pressure massage and heated Thai herbal compress balls, to soothe muscular aches and swelling. It is beneficial especially to the muscles of the legs, back, neck and shoulders.

Facial Treatments
Swedish Massage

This type of massage has been practiced for over 3,000 years by Chinese practitioners to re-balance the body's Qi in order to promote healing and well being. Focusing on applying pressure to specific spots on the feet to stimulate the corresponding area and thereby loosing up or even remove blockages in the body energy, restore the natural flow of energy connected from head to toe, and internal organs for better sleep, and improved metabolism.

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